A Citizen's Guide to Water Quality Hazards Posed by Cornell University's Lake Source Cooling Project

Cornell University has proposed to tap one of the largest and most historic of New York's Finger Lakes for up to 46 Million Gallons per day of cold water to help air condition its campus in Ithaca, NY. This Citizen's Guide outlines how Cornell's unprecedented Lake Source Cooling Project has generated an environmental controversy with important public policy implications.

These are excerpts from the complete Citizen's Guide which is available in its entirety at the Tompkins County Public Library or contact the CLDF for your own copy. A donation of $10 for each copy is requested to cover printing costs.

  1. Chapter One: Summary of Critical Issues
  2. Chapter Two: An Overview of Cornell University's Lake Source Cooling Project
  3. Chapter Three: Cayuga Lake's Water Pollution Problems
  4. Chapter Four: Uncontrolled Releases from Toxic Sites
  5. Chapter Five: Wastewater Discharges from Publicly Owned Treatment Plants
  6. Chapter Six: Uncontrolled Stormwater Runoff

Prepared by the Cayuga Lake Defense Fund (CLDF).
For more information, Call: (607) 275-9054 or 272-7914 or email info@cldf.org

CLDF 1998