EPA Engages in Secret Negotiations

These documents were obtained only after CLDF made a Freedom of Information (FOI) Act request. Except for the FOI response letter received on 26 September 1999 from the EPA, they cover the period from 2 July 1999 to 28 July 1999.

See the 7 October 1999 CLDF Press Release.

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EPA Responds to CLDF Request for Documents

EPA Deputy Regional Administrator Calls for EPA/DEC/Cornell Agreement

Citizens' Negotiator Excluded from Process at DEC Request

EPA Original 3-point Proposal to Cornell/DEC, July 1999

EPA Revised 3-point Proposal to Cornell/DEC after initial response.
Revision 1 - "explicit" criteria have been eliminated along with other major changes

EPA Revised 3-point Proposal to Cornell/DEC after final response
Revision 2 - results of DEC/Cornell "negotiations" result in elimination of two out of three items.

DEC and Cornell Pull out of Negotiations, 7/22/99

Discharge Location Coverup - Discharge at WRONG SITE

[notes made by EPA deputy administrator Kathleen (Kathy) Callahan after talking to Cornell Vice President Harold (Hal) Craft]

Prepared by the Cayuga Lake Defense Fund (CLDF).
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