Ralph Nader

Dear Residents of Ithaca:

I strongly believe that the essence of citizen democracy is active and informed participation in decisions that shape each community's future. That is why I cannot think of a cause more worthy of your local support than halting Cornell's Lake Source Cooling Project.

Since I opposed this ill-advised boondoggle last October, I have worked with the Cayuga Lake Defense Fund to educate Ithacans about Cornell's plan to air condition its campus with up to 46 MILLION GALLONS/DAY of Cayuga Lake's waters. In only a few short months, the CLDF has dramatically revealed how this 55 million dollar, tax-exempt bond financed project would exacerbate Cayuga Lake's already unacceptable pollution troubles.

CLDF needs your help to stop the Lake Source Cooling project in order to protect and preserve Cayuga Lake. I urge you to become a member of this highly effective group as well as to make generous tax-deductible contributions to their litigation, education and organization efforts.

Most importantly, I ask you to call, e-mail and fax Cornell President Hunter Rawlings to voice your opposition to Lake Source Cooling. Please use the enclosed Citizen Alert to urge Cornell to solve its air conditioning problems without further impairing Cayuga Lake.

Cornell is on the verge of breaking ground on this project despite the objections raised by numerous environmental and civic groups. Your actions in the next few days will help decide the fate of Cornell's Lake Source Cooling Project as well as the future of Cayuga Lake.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours truly in the public interest,

P. O. Box 19312
Washington, DC 20036

Cayuga Lake Defense Fund (CLDF).
For more information, Call: (607) 275-9054 or 272-7914 or email info@cldf.org

CLDF 1999