For the Environment?

Photos of erosion caused by Lake Source Cooling construction, taken 24 June 1999.

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Silt-laden runoff dumps directly into Fall Creek from a pipe installed by LSC construction crews.

Haybales are no match for the water and rocks that rush small creeks.

Land clearcut of trees and other vegetation is eroded away

A mixture of mud and oil coats the surfaces of Lake St. and Lincoln St.

Lake Source Cooling is already contributing to water quality violations. Since Cayuga Lake and its tributaries are already impaired by silt and nutrient pollution according to the NYSDEC and the EPA, the silt contribution associated with the construction of Lake Source Cooling should never have been allowed and should be halted immediately.

Pursuant to section 122.4 of the U. S. Clean Water Act, 33 U.S.C.1313(d), no permit may be granted: "To a new source or a new discharger, if the discharge from its construction or operation will cause or contribute to the violation of water quality standards."

Prepared by the Cayuga Lake Defense Fund (CLDF).
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